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Client Testimonials

Some quotes from highly satisfied clients 

Client Testimonials: Welcome

Lydia M.

Trusted Representation

“Ms. Valdez assisted me with getting emergency conservatorship of my father. He was in an abusive relationship with a woman who was taking advantage of him financially. Ms. Valdez answered every question I had and made the process of obtaining conservatorship easy. Thank you Ms. Valdez!”

Client Testimonials: Testimonial

Ralph C.

Legal Success

“I was having a difficult time with child support and custody for my son after suffering a stroke and not being able to work. Mediation was not going well with my son’s mother. I found Josefina and she was a god send. She helped me gather all my paper work. In a short amount of time, my child support was settled and my custody time with my son was in writing and my time with him could not be changed last minute. Once I had Josefina as my lawyer; I finally felt that someone was on my side. She took the stress out of everything. Now, everything is going well and I am co-parenting amicably with my son’s mother.”

Client Testimonials: Testimonial

Janet N.

Excellent choice 

“Josefina Valdez has been my lawyer for almost 3 years now. Not once have I felt the need to consider a change of counsel. Josefina will make it her priority keep me updated about all the details of my case. She is not only a woman of great professionalism but a woman of great character. I will never regret my decision to have Josefina on my side.”

Client Testimonials: Testimonial

Attalia M.

Broke my rating scale 

“Ms.Valdez did the most from the moment we spoke on the phone for the first time regarding my case, up until yesterday when we won it. She was hands on and helped me through the whole process. She made it super easy and took away the most of the stress that comes with it. She was super professional and kind. The attorney that has your best interest at mind. God forbid I ever go through something like this again, she will definitely be the first I call. Thank you so much Josefina!” 

Client Testimonials: Testimonial

Jose S.

Open and accepting of me 

“I am a gay male, so I was looking for an attorney that understood me and didn’t judge my lifestyle. I came across Josefina Valdez, talked with her about my issue and discovered that this organization is also minority owned and gay friendly! Josefina was very attentive, listened to what I was looking to accomplish. She offered her opinion and what we can do to get my issue resolved. Josefina has a great personality and is very easy going. She is very knowledgeable with an array of laws, which makes her a great asset. I would use her again and again for any issues I might have. I really enjoyed that they used all avenues to communicate and make it easy for the client. I know that she can tackle anything that is given to her and that she is always willing to assist. You will not regret having Josefina Valdez on your side.”

Client Testimonials: Testimonial

Reanna K. 

100% recommend JL Valdez Law 

“Ms.Valdez is so knowledgeable and answered all my questions every step of the way. All my calls were answered and in a timely manner which made communication great. Veronica her assistant, was always available which made it easy when I needed help. This duo is absolutely amazing!! Ms.Valdez always showed professionalism and honesty. She made sure I was comfortable, which made it easy when I had to go to court. I recommend her in any Civil Matters you might have. You will have the best at your side!!”

Client Testimonials: Testimonial
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